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What is this:
As many of you know, YHTI was initially started with the goal that it would be set up as a co-op, allowing our members to have ownership in the company. Due to numerous State laws and restrictions, we have been unable to structure it as a true co-op, although our attorneys have devised a way to accomplish the same goal. State and Federal law will not feasibly allow us to distribute shares of the "stock", however the following corporate structure allows us to give YHTI members voting or proxy rights to the shares.

How does it work:
1. Hometown Communications, YHTI's sister company, was created to be the ISP.
2. Shares of Hometown Communications, Inc. are owned by Rural Missouri Internet Consortium, Inc.
3. Rural Missouri Internet Consortium, Inc. administers the proxy rights for those shares to YOU, the MEMBERS. This means that the while the shares are owned under the name RMOIC the votes of those shares are yours.
4. The end result is that YOU, THE MEMBER, control shares in the actual ISP!

How do I benefit:
As a fully paid Internet access account member of YHTI, you have the right to vote a certain number of shares in Hometown Communications, Inc. It is expected that in the future you will also be able to participate in a form of "profit sharing" or refund disbursements. While todays economic conditions do not support that optimism we do hope to be able to do this in the future.

You are entitled to these proxy rights as long as you are a member in good standing of YHTI, Inc. This means that your account must be paid up to date at the time the proxy's are assigned or before any refund payments are made to you and you must abide by Acceptable Usage Policy.. Your voting rights cannot be assigned, transferred or inherited, and if you leave or are cancelled by YHTI all such rights are terminated immediately.

This is a simplistic explanation of what turned out to be an extremely complicated process.
For the full legal explanation of the terms and conditions of this relationship, Click Here.

Additional questions can be directed to shareholder@yhti.net

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