Steps for


Uniform and

Summer Camp




Dues – Each scout is responsible to pay yearly dues in the amount of $30.

          Note:  The purpose of the monthly dues is intended to help the Troop meet operating expenses.

Registration Fees – Each scout and adult leader is responsible to pay an annual registration fee when our troop renews its charter with the Boy Scouts of America in March of each year.  Fees are as follows:

          Adult leader-$10 annual registration fee

          Boy Scout-$10 annual registration fee

                            $9.60 subscription to Boy’s Life

Other Fees – Scouts will be responsible to pay their way for camping and other activities.  These would include weekend camping trip food and summer camp which typically last one week.  A fee of $2.50 is charged for each meal served on a weekend camping trip.  Typically this comes to $10.

Fund Raising – Scouts have the possibility to earn money for their “individual Scout accounts” through troop fundraisers.  Our troop participates in the selling of Christmas wreaths, working at the local Town and Country Fair Food Booth and the selling of “Butter Braids”.  Scouts whom have earned money in their individual account may use this to help pay for registration fees, dues, camping and uniform replacement.

Note:  No scout is turned away due to lack of finances.  Financial assistance is made available for any scout needing it.