Steps for


Uniform and

Summer Camp



                                  Steps for Advancements
     I.Schedule a Scoutmaster Conference:
               A. Contact our Scoutmaster in advance by telephone or in person to set up an appointment.
               B. Show up in full Class A uniform.
               C. Bring your Boy Scout Handbook, with the requirements initialed.
     II.Schedule a Board of Review:
               A. Contact a member of the Board of Review Committee by telephone or in person to set up an appointment.
               B. Show up in full Class A uniform
               C. Bring your Boy Scout Handbook.
                           Merit Badge Counselors for Troop 431
John Bugele- Music, Salesmanship  1-636-239-5582    
Jan Farris- Pets  1-636-433-5190
Ron Farris- Horsemanship  1-636-433-5190                   
Candy Grisham- First Aid  1-636-583-2786
Betty Hrdlicka- Citizenship in the Community, Collections, Communications, Reading  1-636-390-3907    
Chris Marquart- Personal Management  1-636-433-2673
Todd Marquart- Nature, Shotgun Shooting, Fishing  1-636-433-2673    
Teri Ogle- Scholarship  1-636-433-5858
Wayne Osseck- First AId, Medicine  1-636-583-1609    
Paul Richard- Citizenship in the Nation, Emergency Preparedness, Fire Safety, Rifle Shooting  1-636-459-2326
Mark Saunders- Small Boat Sailing, Metalworking  1-636-742-4943    
Sue Suanders- Basketry  1-636-742-4943
Brian Smith- Golf  1-636-390-8628                                 
Sheryl Spratt- Personal Fitness, Athletics, Family Life, Sports  1-636-433-5190
Gerard Straatmann- Emergency Preparedness, Fire Safety, First Aid, Safety  1-636-583-4224    
Steven Strubberg- Architecture  1-636-239-0309
Grenville Sutcliffe- Aviation, orienteering, Astronomy  1-636-451-2624    
Jerry Warden- Camping, Family Life, Home Repairs  1-636-239-3781

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