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"Cup of Compromise".

"Greater Is He."

"Work In Me."

"If You Died Tonight."

"Jesus Says I Am."

"Less Like Me."

All of these songs are from Dana Sigmon.  Dana is not only a musician, but he's a ordained minister!!  He has had his music recorded by people such as Kenneth Copeland, Petra, Hosanna Integrity, The Oak Ridge Boys, etc.!  He has also ministered with people such as John Osteen, Hilton Sutton, Pat Robertson, Lester Sumeral, Charles Capps, etc.!  Dana is a must for all churches to help win the lost!!  I urge you to visit Dana's website today!  Please note that these songs are copyrighted.

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"For this day."

"I will rain on you."

Both of the songs are from Kim Clement.  Kim is a prophet.  Most of his songs are prophetic.  I truly recommend that you visit his website.  There you can find out more about Kim and his prophecies.  Kim is anointed and a true blessing to the body of Christ!!

I have received permission to use this music.  Please respect any and/or all copyrights!!

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