I have not checked these programs out. I don't know if they are shareware or freeware or how good they are. I have only checked out their url's.

Parish Manager Membership 32.bit V1.1732 Access Church Member Records. (333K)

Parish Manager Membership 16.bit V1.17 Access Church Member Records. (225K)

Church Membership System Gold V2.1 Create Membership Database. (584K)

Church Data Master Plus for Windows 95. Church data management system.

Sermon File V1.0 Store, retrieve, print sermons. (2039K)

Tithe V3.4a Track church contributions. (2077K)

Pastors Secretary for Windows Use a church-related database. (1165K)

Prayer List Generator Create a prayer list. (160K)

Sermon Tracker95 V2.1 Record sermon data. (1330K)

The Music Secretary V4.0 Keep track of Church Music. Dos. (1109K)

Who I Am In Christ Put Bible promises on PC. (865K)

Windows on the Bible V2.1 Display Bible Verses at random. (178K)

Sword of the Spirit V1.41 Save screen with Bible verses. (1220K)

9530.zipSword Searcher95 V3.0 Windows95 Bible Software. (3727K)

WinBible for Windows 95 (NIV) v2.1 Study the NIV Bible. (6123K)

BibleMaps2 V1.1 Study Biblical places. Dos. (91K)

Bible Program.Very good! I have checked this one out and it is good and FREE! Windows.

Feasting Exe. Fun, interactive Christian book teaching on biblical wisdom with great animations sure to entertain the whole family!

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