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It wasn't that long ago that homeschooling was mainly for "religious fanatics". It was considered almost "taboo" to think about homeschooling your children. Therefore, not much was said about the homeschooler and surely, not much resources for the homeschooler.

But, unfortunately, as our public school system continues to degenerate and in some areas, our children's lives have become endangered, more and more parents are taking that step and putting their children's education into their own hands. Parents are wanting to control what their children is learning, when they are learning it, and how they are learning it. Some just want their children safe.

For whatever reason a parent decides to homeschool, all agree on one thing....they do it for the best interest of their children.

So, because of such an increase in homeschooling, the list is growing!!! Below, you will find some links that I have found that I feel are good ones.

I will add to this list as it grows out there on the internet!!

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