"The Oasis" Awards!

If you would like to apply for "The Oasis" award, please read below.


To qualify for "The Oasis" award, your website must meet the standards below:

1.  The site MUSThave christian content.

2.  The siteMUSTglorify Jesus Christ.

3.  The siteMUSThold true to the salvation message (beingborn-again).

All ministries, christian website, and christian homepages are invited to apply.  Denomination is not a factor, CONTENT is!  You do NOT have to be a professional webmaster to apply!  If the website meets the standards above, feel free to apply for "The Oasis" award!

To apply for the award, just e-mail us with the word "award" in the subject line of your message.

Please include the url of the website you want considered for the award in your message.

Or, to make it easier for you, just use the e-mail link below, but please make sure you add your url that you want consideration for "The Oasis" award!

ALL sites that are submitted WILL be thoroughly reviewed!

There is 3 different awards that you will be able to choose from.  There will be 3 awards for ministries to choose from and 3 awards for all others to choose from.

God Bless you in your work in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ across the World Wide Web!!

E-mail for award: award

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