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"I saw satan fall like lightning from heaven. Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions and over ALL the power of the enemy, and NOTHING shall by any means hurt you." Luke 10:18-19.

What does that verse do to you inside? I think that is one of the most powerful verses in the Bible! Here, Jesus is telling us to be a warrior!!! He's telling us not to worry, because He gives us authority to "squash" the enemy!!!! And not just alittle of the enemy's power, but over ALL of satan's power!! That is good news!!!!

Jesus tells us that He saw satan fall like lightning. Think about that for a moment. Lightning is very fast. That means satan fell fast and hard!!!!!

Then, Jesus tells us that He gives us authority over ALL of satan's power!! Think about that for a moment too. That means that satan does not have authority over us, unless we give it to him. We have authority over him! Praise God, satan has to obey us through the Name of Jesus!!!

I say it's time for Christian's to start exercising their authority over satan, right now! It's time for you to put satan under your feet and squash him. Recognize his evil ways and intents, and then just put him right where he belongs! Don't take anymore of his garbage!!! It's time we start storming the gates of hell and remind satan of his future! Remind satan who really has the authority!

One thing that satan cannot stand is the blood of Jesus. He cannot stand for you to apply the blood of Jesus over yourselves or your loved ones. He cannot stand for you to talk about the blood of Jesus, because he knows that is what defeated him, two thousand years ago! He's been on a mission for quite sometime to "do away" with any talk of the blood of Jesus. It's the one thing that will cause him to flee from his victims.

Take up your shield of faith! Put on your helmet of salvation! Gird your waist with truth! Put on the breastplate of righteousness! Shod your feet with peace! Then, arm yourself with the sword, which is God's Word!!!!

Vision yourself as one of those are dressed that way spiritually! Make sure you have your armour on correctly, then you will be unharmed!!!

God's Word is the most deadly weapon to satan. So, when you start telling him just what the scriptures say (quoting scriptures), then apply the blood of satan run as fast as he fell from heaven!!!! He will flee from you!!!!

So, put all your armour on, take up your weapon, and start storming the gates of hell in your life, your family's life and your church's every area!!!

Until next time, FIGHT!!!! Declare your Holy war on satan! With your armour and weapon equipped, FIGHT!!!! You have the authority over him, so TAKE BACK what belongs to you, in every area!!!!!

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