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I believe God is truly beginning to move upon the praise and worship. He has always moved in this area, but I believe He is really making it a focal point.

He has always called His people to praise and worship, but now more than ever, He is truly calling us all to true praise and worship.

About two years ago, I believe the Lord gave me a study to do on praise and worship. Up until now, He has not released me to share it with anyone. It is my belief that He wants me to teach His people what He has given me. The Lord will open the doors for me, if that is what He wants. It's a very indepth study and truly awesome! A true blessing for those who knows this truth. I am not a pastor or have been called to be a pastor. But, I feel the Lord wants to use me to teach His people, for so many do not know the truth.

If the Lord leads, I will share what the study is here. At this point, He has not. But, He has given me some things to share with you.

The Bible tells us to "worship in spirit and truth". John 4:23. I looked up the word worship in the Strongs Concordance and it is defined as: means to fawn or crouch to; prostrate oneself in homage; do reverence to; adore. I looked up the word prostrate in the Webster's dictionary and this is what it said: Lying stretched out; lying flat; OVERTHROWN. That is the adjective of prostrate. The transitive verb means: To bow low, as in supplication. To BREAK DOWN.

So, we can safely say that when we read that scripture, we can read it as: "But the hour is coming, and NOW is, when the true worshipers ("ones who will fawn or crouch to and prostrate (be overthrown and break down, bowing low, lying stretched out or flat) themselves in homage and do reverence to and adore") will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him."

Pretty awesome when you view it that way!!!! I strongly encourage you to use a concordance and learn to break down the scriptures. Use a dictionary too. It gives you such a different look of the scriptures and knowledge of the true meaning. I love to break down the scriptures this way. Every scripture truly becomes a "gold nugget"! I usually break down every word in one verse.

So, I believe God is calling His people to true worship. The kind of worship where we put ourselves on the back self. The kind of worship where we will "fawn" over God. Let's see exactly what that word "fawn" means according to the Webster's dictionary. Fawn= "To seek favor by servile demeanor. Servile flattery when we use it as a noun." Let's look what the dictionary says about servile. Servile="Pertaining to slaves; having a slavish spirit; submissive." Yes, I do believe God is calling His people to worship Him with a spirit of extreme flattery and a spirit of submission, as a slave unto Christ. "A servant of Christ" that is how we have the slavish spirit. A servant.

I challenge you to spend just 10 minutes a day, in true worship....extreme flattery unto our God and as a servant. I can promise you that God will begin to lift you up. Your day will be brighter. You will feel a peace and a joy!

I hope you enjoyed this little "nugget"! I will come in time and bring another. I must leave it for awhile so everyone will benefit. Check back often for the new nugget!

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