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I will start this page with one word:

"For God is not the author of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches of saints."

God is NOT the author of confusion....satan is!!!!!!!  At any time that you find yourself confused, know immediately that is not of God!  Know that satan is at work...trying to confuse and steal from you!!!

When we are in confusion, obviously, we don't think clearly.  We don't put the Word of God in perspective.  The best thing to do is whatever is confusing you, don't even think upon it.  Just drop it.  God will reveal to us the truth.  All we do by thinking upon it, is make the situation worse and more confusion sets in!  A true opportunity for satan!

Satan stirs up the confusion with hopes that you will dwell upon it.  He knows that if you dwell upon it, he can implant more confusion.  The end result will be setting God's Word on a shelf and twisting our hands!!!

God's Word will clear up all confusion.  God's Word is truth.  When we know something, there is no confusion about it!

Study God's Word.  If, in a time, it still brings confusion to you and you can't seem to "hear" what God says about it, I advise you to talk to your pastor.

Pastors are here to guide us.  They are here to lead us into the right path, into all truths.  A good pastor will ALWAYS have the Word of God to back up what they say.  They will give you scriptures to mediate upon.

If ever you are told something or taught something that IS NOT in the Word of God, throw it away!!!!!!!!!   Do not receive it!!!

The Word of God, the Bible, is our map and our guide.  It is our manual to instruct us.  It is our life source!!!!  It's our stability!

I pray that you will make the Bible your priority everyday.  I pray that God will reveal to you the truth in your situation.  I speak God's peace into your life and I speak revelation into your life.

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