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Domain Hosting Services

YHTI, Inc. has a full service hosting department. Whether you are a long time site owner or considering your first website, you need a no hassle place to host. If you are new to having a website, we will walk you through each step of the process, including -
- Helping you choose and register your domain name.
- Getting your site up on the internet.

If you have an existing website, YHTI, Inc. provides secure, reliable state of the art servers. We will help you transfer your site to our servers. Hosting your site locally, instead of with a giant out of state server farm, provides for personalized service and you know just who to contact with questions or concerns.

YHTI hosting services are available in the following package rates and they include up to 5 e-mail addresses with your site name at no additional charge.

If YHTI is also providing Internet service:
25MB - $19.95
50MB - $39.95
100MB - $59.95

Hosting only with YHTI ($5 discount available if YHTI provides Internet service):
25MB - $24.95
50MB - $44.95
100MB - $64.95

For more information, give the YHTI sales team a call toll free at 866-670-9484 or e-mail sales@yhti.net.

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