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YHTI Internet DSL Disclaimers

DSL Modem Terms: YHTI will supply the member with a standard DSL modem kit; however, the modem is the property of YHTI and if service is discontinued, either by the customer or by YHTI, the modem MUST be returned, in working order, or the customer will be billed in the amount of $100.00. If the modem is misused or damaged in a members possession, a replacement fee will be charged. Price does not include shipping and handling or taxes or recovery fees, if applicable.

DSL Speeds: Actual download speeds may vary depending on distance from the DSL office and phone line quality. Advertised services and Internet speed options not available in all areas.

Acceptable Use Policy: All members of YHTI must abide by the YHTI Acceptable Use Policy.

Static IP Address: Static IP addresses are available for both Residential and Business accounts at a nominal fee per each IP address requested. Contact Sales for additional information.

Other Information: Offers may be modified or discontinued at any time without notice. Prices subject to change without notice. Other conditions may apply.

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