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About YHTI

YHTI was formed in 2000 by a group of professionals who have been actively involved and employed in the Internet field since the early 80's. YHTI came to exist because of the demands for an Internet Provider that would supply more than just Internet access. From the very beginning YHTI has made it their goal and mission to offer their members the best possible service, reliability, equipment and features. YHTI's focus is to offer high quality services with home town values.

YHTI has grown from offering Dial-Up and Hosting services in a handful of towns to offering High Speed and dedicated connections throughout the state of Missouri and beyond. With 100% digital equipment and a redundant fiber optic sonic ring backbone connection, members can expect the fastest and most reliable Internet access in the Midwest. Here are just a few services YHTI offers:

Nationwide Dial-Up Access (over 7,800 access #'s)
Accelerated Dial-Up Access
Wireless High Speed Access
High Speed DSL Access
Domain Hosting
Dedicated T1 and Fiber Connections
Frame Relay
Server Co-Location
And Much More

YHTI was concerned that their members might think that they would be doing what so many other Internet company's have been, which is building up a company to turn around and sell it. YHTI shows, with pride, that they are not going to be part of this trend. Over the years YHTI has continued to prove their loyalty and home town philosophy and they would love to have the opportunity to show them to you.

YHTI would like to be Your Hometown Internet!

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