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Stop Pop-Up's

What Are Pop-Up Windows?
Who Is Doing It?
What Can I Do?
Download Pop-Up Stopper

What are pop-up windows?
A pop up window is an unexpected window or set of windows that opens when loading or leaving a web site. The majority of pop up windows are rotating advertisements or links to other sites.

Who is doing it?
In the designing of a web site a programmer can setup a pop up window to occur. The web site you are loading or the one you are leaving from is responsible for the pop window, not your computer or internet provider. Most people find pop up windows to be annoying and because of this many web site designers do not utilize them. We do not use pop up windows in the designing of any of our sites.

What can I do?
There are "blocker, stopper, killer" programs you can install on your computer that will monitor web sites for links creating pop up windows, or the action of a pop up window occurring, and it will stop it from happening. Many of these programs cost money to use but our support staff has been using one called "Pop-Up Stopper" that is free and have been satisfied with the results.

Requirements for "Pop-Up Stopper":
- A Windows based operating system: 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 or XP
- Internet Explorer version 5.01 or greater. or Netscape Communicator 4.x or greater.

Information regarding "Pop-Up Stopper":
- Simple to install and easy to use. Install it and the ads stop.
- Runs in the background as a separate program. It does not modify Internet Explorer or Netscape in any way.
- An icon is displayed in the taskbar to illustrate it is running.

1. Due to the nature of pop up window designing, it is possible that "Pop-Up Stopper" may block links from opening from a website or email you want to get in to. To bypass this just hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard while clicking on the link. We find that needing to do this is rare. "Pop-Up Stopper" refers to this during the installation.
2. Towards the end of the installation it refers to you inputting your email address for updates, this is not necessary and you can leave this area blank and click Finish.

Click Here to Download PopUpStopper.exe

If you do not have a version of Internet Explorer or Netscape new enough to support this pop up blocker you can upgrade your browser or try to locate a blocker program online that will support your version.

This is not the only pop up blocking program available but it is one we have seen good luck with and it's FREE. If you use a MAC or want information regarding other blocker programs, try searching for "pop up killer", "pop up stopper" or "pop up blocker" at your favorite search web site.

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